heart pounding

have i ever mentioned on here that i like to meet new people? i do. especially when i am out on my own. it’s why i don’t listen to music on public transit or while waiting for public transit. so that i am open to it. i don’t necessarily start it, though that’s been known to happen ocassionally.
i have another picture from the same dark city shoot but it isn’t of the city and i isn’t dark and i didn’t want people to associate the two, so maybe i’ll post it next week. it is the cool.
the picture at the top, well, you guess it, clicky for bigger. whenever i walk up keith road to anand’s place, it reminds me of aberdeen in scotland. lots of houses that look like this, except stonier.
anyway i owe nothing more to this night so i will say good night and hit le hay. i didn’t drink any coffee.

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  1. I just got a 24oz Big Brew from 7-11. Tastes great, works great, and 49 cents less in price than the same amount from Mac’s. Only $2.00 after tax!
    Lots of coffee was used in the writing of this comment.

  2. lOVe that pitter patter feeling when first meeting new people. (new people = hawt members of the opposite sex that like don’t like you know like talk so bad and stuff, sheah like O my gawed that would totally suck.)

  3. I think I know what’s up. But then again, he’s soo mysterious. I dunno now. hahaha.
    Was it the no-travel mug elevator incident redux?

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