what a weekend

an amazing weekend in victoria. it is nice to go with someone who likes to travel. it turns the normally mundane parts of the trip into the one of the highlights..
friday = dinner + drinks with the gang from work @ hugos. muchly good fun.
saturday = a wee bit o work stuff, some photography, coffee, shopping, dinner, and then hush.
wow. hush rules.
thank you to braeden and all @ hush for having me over for what will be remembered as a legendary weekend. i had a great time playing and everyone was up for the mad tunes. i’d been stoked to DJ with Braeden for a good while now since it always rocks when we’re DJing together and Saturday night was no exception.
thanks to those who stayed ’til the end — mind you the night went in a flash and was over before we knew it!
i apologize for the last track being cut off; it is the new Emerald Green tune and i would’ve liked to play the whole thing for you because it really is marvellous. unfortunately the management had to cut it off the sound system pretty early into it in order to clear out the bar. (it was well past 2 AM). next time!
it was particularly pleasing to see people go bonkers for the upcoming Pacific Front Recordings release – Formulate – Voice of Qi [Seed remix] .. talk about encouraging .. 10/10 crowd response.
i will post some of the pictures soon..
* * *
i got u2 tickets.
* * *
sunday was appropriately lazy and consisted of watching a movie, eating and travelling back to vancouver on the shortest ever ferry ride ..

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  1. nice work on getting the tix…i was up at the crack of dawn tryin to get them for you know who…but i was unsuccessful:(
    hope to see you next time you’re on the rock!

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