PFR presents SW001

After a year of planning, connecting, producing and remixing, it looks like we have a music label on our hands. And not a bad one either. Ambient, progressive house, tribal-tech, breaks and a lot in-between; the cohesion between the artists on Pacific Front Recordings is displayed rawly in this mix as it moves smoothly from style to style without missing a beat. Artists and remixers that span the shores of the Pacific — from the heat of Los Angeles, to the mist of Victoria and Vancouver and the far reaches of Melbourne, Australia. I don’t know what it’s like there, but I’d like to visit some time and tell you what the weather’s like.
Thank you to those who have supported us as we’ve been delivering the goods. Support has come from around the world — Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, South Africa, Switzerland, UK, USA, Italy, Japan and more. Your support means a tonne to us and we’re really stoked that our music is finding its way to where you are.
The new mix ‘Storm Warning 001’ will debut on Proton Radio tonight at 10 PM PST and will kick off the series of mixed CD’s from Pacific Front Recordings.
Here is the tracklisting:
1. AFK – Emily’s China (edit)
2. Chompers – Silent Violence (Vox version)
3. Obakeh – Ghosted (Habersham’s tech-Phunked Up remix)
4. AFK – Magnetic (Chompers Mercy Kill remix)
5. Tiebreaker – Prominence (Steve May’s Doing it for the Digital Slut remix)
6. Formulate – Rising Edge (Original mix)
7. AFK – Dreamcache (Original mix)
8. Formulate – Voice of Qi (Brian Seed’s 8-bit Breaks remix)
9. Formulate – Lonely in the Middle (Ninja Dan’s Water Bomber remix)
10. Obakeh – Ghosted (AFK’s Fully Spooked remix)
11. Tiebreaker – Settle the Score (Original mix)
12. Formulate – Voice of Qi (Original mix)
Davin / ariz0na / AFK / Tiebreaker / Emerald Green / Royal Assassin
Pacific Front Recordings

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  1. sorry, this is off topic, but……
    d00d…. gseriousuly!…. take earplugs to Hush. I had to leave last saturday as it was unbearably loud. I shoulda said something to Jack, but it’s not up to me to tell him how he should run his club. So just be forewarned, you may NEED earplugs. For myself, next time I go to Hush, I will take my shooting ear protectors with me. That will undoubtedly raise some hackles. Unfortunately, I will be working this saturday and won’t be able to attend. What is teh new huh?

  2. denis: What do you mean it’s not up to you to tell him how to run his club? That isn’t telling him how to run his club. That’s telling him that it’s too loud and it hurts. Next time say something! 😉 the new is umm more new music! yay. other than that the odd pic here and there.

  3. Actually, I couldn’t stand it …. I phoned the club today fully expecting to only leave a message, but Jack was there. I told him that I wouldn’t say anything at all if I didn’t consider it serious, but that last Saturday was way too loud. He was surprised but went on to tell me that he was bringing in another pair of bass bins to help with the bottom end, and then maybe he wouldn’t have to turn it up so loud. To me more sound does not mean lower volume *sigh*
    Just glad I phoned though.

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