we’ve been waiting

hello sunday,
here’s two things for me: a haircut and lipbalm.
i’m doing much better today. that person from yesterday has died and a new person has woken up. i’ve learned in the last 24 hours to stop blaming myself when things go wrong, and to just acknowledge that — hey, not everything goes the way you want it to. and that just sucks — it’s a more passive attitude, which I guess makes me less involved, but it’s a healthier angle than automatically blaming yourself for things that are clearly out of your control, or anyone’s control really.
that’s just the way it goes.
a third: almost done planning a new mix. i put a quota on myself of two mixes -maximum- per year because putting them together is quite a demanding process. well it’s 2005 and, as the boss of this apartment, i say that the turntables need to start earning their rent.
stats junk: just over one third of 2004 saw approximately 66 gigs in downloads of my mixes from crashed.net — this doesn’t include the mixes hosted on ravevictoria.com — for an an approximate total of 830 mix cd downloads. i wonder with who and where they ended up, but there’s no way of knowing really. the most popular mix continues to be ‘the rush’ which has pulled 25 gigs of bandwidth on its own on 283 downloads. it’s also the newest.
so i’m putting together a new unnamed mix that will be up on the website upon completion, and also a demo for club promoters in Vancouver. dj ariz0na needs to get booked, and that is that. a few years ago in victoria and vancouver i had the luxury of being able to get booked based on reputation (not a bad thing) and the radio power, but times are different. so, lets get to it!
a fourth: leah gave me a really nice picture frame that holds three pictures seperately from a bar. imma choose three photos and put it up today. i got measuring tape and everything, i’m not eyeballing it like i did the two giants above the turntables. yessah.
a fifth: i have [censored] great friends.
thank you, that is all.
music: 21st Century Fux – Sunspirit

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  1. I’m really glad you liked that picture frame 🙂 and I’m SOOO glad you’re feeling better, yeah for feeling better!! whoo hooo 😉

  2. And did you get what
    you wanted from this life, even so?
    I did. And what did you want?
    To call myself beloved, to feel myself
    beloved on the Earth.
    -Raymond Carver “Late Fragment”

  3. Life is a long road, old friend. It doesn’t all happen at once, the good or the bad. Good to see you bounced back. So far your Van experience sounds a lot like mine. If you need a random vacation how about Vegas Jan 30 – Feb 3?

  4. I like how you say your “turntables need to start earning their rent.” That’s a really good way of putting it.. sheds lite on their presence and potential. I should remind myself that my sewing machines need to start doing the same.
    I’m really happy you’re feeling better, and I feel priveledged to be one of your friends.

  5. i am glad to hear you’re feeling better, that was a dark place you were at yesterday. i (too) get a kick out of the idea of your turntables earning their rent. looking forward to it 🙂

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