early december weekend

friday night: dinner party, then radio show where i did a guest mix of my own trax and remixes. extra special and fun to be back at the station, almost like i never left. except nick forgot his nerd cards. nick!!
saturday: a little bit of work, then coffee with james roy @ demitasse, then off to ogden point to meet justin, charles, adrian and neil for the Pacific Front Recordings photoshoot. that was a blast. after that i met emily at QV’s for coffee, went home, had dinner, then went to jasons for a party where i met a bunch of cool people. then to vertigo for reindeer games, where kevin shiu, john morgan and yoseff were DJing. after that i actually went to an afterparty at martin’s (yah i never go to afterparties) and then met up with my pal amalia and hung out til the wee hours of sunday morning. great conversations. many banana fingers references.
sunday day when i woke up, i went for a drive with richard and we listened to tunes. okay i lie, we listened to the ‘miniset’ that i made for friday and i discovered i needed to tweak the mix quite a bit before it does anything else. well it isn’t going to do anything else because i am making a newer bigger version for an exclusive proton radio release. uh huh. then after the drive, me and richard met up with justin who thought we were listening to uk hard house but i will continue to swear up and down that it was an underworld remix of depeche mode’s ‘barrel of a gun.’ oh yeah. more good conversations, this time, global shuffle parameter control was the indicator. haha..
pretty packed weekend. my victoria lifestyle is still a lot different than my vancouver lifestyle. hopefully vancouver can catch up.. mad mad mad good times were mos def had.

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