well that took.. longer

than i thought it would .. but it must be done by now.. of course, while the blog was down, i took the time to work on possibly my best piece of web design -ever-. in the span of 2.5 hours i put together a 3rd draft of a website for my secret australian client and i am verihappy with it. if he doesn’t use it, i might just use it myself. for something. haha.
here is a picture of amalia. she is a fabulous interior designer from montreal. she is going to come over and help me decorate / design my new appartment! right now it’s lookin’ pretty blank. i am going through my photos probably tomorrow night and picking out a shortlist of ones i want to get blown up and framed for the walls. i started last night. i think i’ll look through again tonight and see what i can see!
there is a van-blogger meet on thursday night. i am going. it will be cool. oh! i think tonight may be the night i give myself enough time to sleep properly. finally. there is so much to do, so little time.. oh .. and i wanted to finish that new tiebreaker track before friday.. but that is really unlikely now that i am booked through TIL friday.. sheesh! i need a clock.
when things are moving they really are moving. i had a really productive day at work and at home today. also, in pacific front recordings news, we’ve nailed down a new look for the logo (same concept, heavily modified) with James Roy. that was snappy!! great new colors, fantastic type treatment and a symbol which commands fear and respect. like tron, baby. yeah. i can’t wait to see PFR get on the merchandising tip. that will be kick ass. this logo puts most sports teams to shame, and whips the weak behind of most record label logos. i love marketing with a great team.

that there above this is the twisted-together ethernet cat-5 cable which davin.ws (and previously davin.dhs.org) ran on for what i guess is 2 years. the cloth beside it is my old bed. and when those wires touched, the cat-5 would fail and the connection would die. which means the webserver would go down. sometimes i would roll over in my sleep and take out my webserver. this is now a thing of the past.
so now that this new connection is going .. i need your feedback.. is the site now faster, or slower? or no different? i am hoping for 100% server uptime for the next half year.
anyways.. i time to drink some tea and hit the hay. good night!

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  1. Hahaha, can’t believe you got a shot of the Twisted-Pair-O-Death. Can’t wait to see the new PFR logo!
    By the way, I was able to get through to davin.ws from home last night without calling up my ISP! From here, so far the connection speeds seem as good, if not slighty better than before. 🙂

  2. i haven’t noticed any difference, but i wasn’t looking for it so….. I’m not helpful at all really!

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