anticipation so pure

the anticipation for tomorrow’s ALREADY crazy night has been growing for the last week.. and for all the DJ’s that are coming from out of town .. tomorrow night actually begins tonight when we start packing our records and clothes for the weekend ahead.. i am stoked to be opening for the multitude of talent that is going to make for a very special night of a-grade music [musica]..
expect the very best..
and now a bit from the song of alanis’ that hybrid remixed:
you’re from new york
you are so relevant
you reduce me to cosmic tears
luminous more so than most anyone
unapologetically alive
knot in my stomach
and lump in my throat
supposed former infatuation junkie
I sink three pointers and you wax poetically
let’s grease the wheel over tea
let’s discuss things in confidence
let’s be outspoken
let’s be ridiculous
let’s solve the world’s problems
I love you when you dance
when you freestyle in trance
so pure
such an expression.

the picture at the top is the view from my balcony.. inspiring to see the city glowing and humming.. and a vew over the burrard inlet.. very cool indeed. there is a vancouver bloggers meet up tonight that i will be attending, tho not for very long as i need to get home and pack and choose music for tomorrow’s rather epic evening.

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  1. i read the lyrics and they sounded familiar… then right at the end wham! the melody came to me and i had to re-read them 🙂
    are those plants on your balcony? just tall trees?

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