spider mics

i found a huge beetle last night in my room.. not super huge, but fairly huge.. and so anyway i wanted it to go but it just wanted to sit there. so it sat there and i had to do something about it. so i picked up the closest record sleeve, ironically a hybrid record (i guess the chances are good) named “if i survive” and the little guy climbed on it. i walked into the hallway and turned to turn the lights on in the basement and i looked at the record and he was gone!
hey spyguy
.. oops, wrong window.. i think i’ll keep that though.. i am hanging out in IRC on #proghouse and he’s in there. soon we’ll be living in the same city and plotting with our spare time.
i got the new spider mics from tammie and gerry. these things are freakin’ awesome. i have a feeling i will be using them a lot more in vancouver. cool!
well, i am going to go. i just wanted to post .. something. didn’t really matter what. i am very low energy today after a particularly challenging week. word.

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  1. It was probably the massive wolf spiders in tha haus…
    they probably got to it.
    anybody arrange for an ‘accident’, eh!?!?!? i’m’a git to the bottom of this..

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