so nice!

denis has such a good heart. i mean, everyone knows that, but he keeps showing it, time and time again:
5:26:53 PM: Wrinkles: so it’s bibi4j00 pretty soon?
5:29:26 PM: Wrinkles: before you are gone, I would like to say what a decent slice it has been to work with you over these past few years. I am sure we will still comunicate and participate in mutually fun times together whenever that opportunity presents itself
5:30:21 PM: Wrinkles: I wish you all the best in your new endevour in the big city, which will no doubt get you at least a measure closer to some of your life goals 🙂
5:32:13 PM: Wrinkles: just don’t forget those of us that are welded to this rock, for we won’t forget you!

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