i found a place to live!

  1. krishen and i checked out 34 places in two days in the west end and north vancouver.
  2. we found a fantastic place in north vancouver, with a wicked view of the city. sweet action. it is on a bus route to work, and 5 blocks from my brother anand. pwnage. the damage deposit is paid and i take over a 6 month lease on October the 1st.
  3. happy birthday charles!
  4. happy birthday rishi!
  5. i sort of omitted that i was going to go see a concert last night in vancouver. i did. sarah mclachlan was incredible — the last show of her world tour. i got a “fashion poster” after the show. hawt! that’ll definitely go up in the new place.
  6. go team canada! see ya czechs!
  7. i have not forgotten about the photogroffee pix. i will most likely post them tomorrow as i only have a bit of time right now to hang out with all of my brothers before we once again split up to opposite corners of north america.
  8. bye!

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  1. hey all… looking for davin’s place was super fun… it was great to have so many places to look at. the worst thing is having to *settle* for a place… guh!
    happy birthday charles, sorry i couldn’t make it out to your party! happy birthday to rishi too! 😀

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