brent carmichael

brent has been referred to as ‘the godfather of electronic music’ here on vancouver island. his generousity and spirit have touched many, including myself, and i am incredibly sad to say that earlier today brent carmichael passed away. this was just posted on
“As some of you know, Brent Carmichael was having health problems that he kept close for personal reasons. Due to complications of these health issues Brent passed away at 8:25am sept 2nd 2004.
In respect of Brents wishes, there will NOT be a funeral service.
With his approval there will be a celebration of his life at a later date.
This is not a joke. I, David Tillson, Brents friend for 25 years am writing this on Brents roomate Ians pc.[ if you so need comfirmation ]
The end of Brents life was witnessed by myself and 4 of Brents closest friends. We have tried to phone and contact many people in person, we apologise to those who we could not reach.
‘We love you Brent’

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  1. I’m glad people like him exist for the time they do and leave such good things in their wake. It’s sad to see him go, but we live on in our legacy and I think he left a mark to be happy for.

  2. it’s been a good two hours since I’ve found out, and I still can’t express the sadness I feel about this. 🙁 i barely spoke with him for more than 10 or 15 minutes in the six or seven years I’ve known of him, but his effect on me has been profound. rest in peace brent. you will be missed.

  3. i think a lot of people were shocked today to hear the news… but you’re right, he left with us some wicked memories and tremendous hope for the future. if only more of us could be as passionate about life as he was…

  4. Guh! What a total shock… Even though I’ve been in mummy mode for the last what seems like forever I have fond memories of seeing Brent almost weekly at Rumours then later at Hush but regrettably not as much. I never really spoke to him much and I didn’t really know him too well, but I am deeply saddened by this news as well.
    I suspect the celebration party will be no less than spectacular as it should.

  5. Although I did not know Brent well, he was an instrumental part of my exposure to the gay community and music genre in the 80’s and 90’s. I have fond memories of tripping out on the dance floor with his eclectic and seamless mixes. Thankfully I still a number of club tapes he made for me that I am digitally recording for posterity. I’ll miss you Brent.

  6. I was a bouncer at Rumours and Hush and I’d like to think Brent is still scowling at me for being too rough…love you all.

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