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  1. pleasure to have you join. We will have to do it again. Today was crazy hectic compared to some of the relaxation that goes on there.

  2. Hey man,
    wicked flyer!! Like, really… I love it!
    You guys will certainly have the fun on Thursday!!
    I think the music will be great too…
    oh, and – you have some Keoki thing going on with that photo… It’s hilarious!! I love it also. Very much suiting your personality….

  3. mmmmMmm, do you know if they give out free pringles at camp pringle? If so you’ll never go hungry at that cabin!

  4. they definitely don’t give out pringles at camp pringle… but they do give you a lot of stuffed-down-your-throat religious crud…. **shiver**
    I went there as a kid and never recovered. Hello atheism! 😀

  5. Yes, thankfully camp pringle is actually a few kilometers away. We don’t seem to have religious crud in our diet. We are however right across the lake from the Easter Seal camp and I haven’t seen one Easter Seal, (or any other seals for that matter), yet!

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