oh yeah!!
while playing tennis last evening, i saw what i can only describe as a davinbow. or a raindavin.
it was not raining. it was hot and there were some clouds in the sky. i looked up and discovered a rainbow directly overhead, except that it was curving like an “S”! now i have seen rainbow-spots [“sun dogs”] in the clouds before (usually horizontal from the sun, refracting against clouds), and there were a couple in the sky, but this thing directly above was completely different.
it was long, and it featured two seperate curves in opposite directions (like an elongated “s”). i didn’t have my camera with me (of course, augh). but i don’t know what it is.
what is it?!

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  1. I saw it too while swimming at Thetis. It was curved just one way (like one side of an s), but not in towards the direction of the sun, like a sun dog, it was the other way. Very strange.

  2. whaaaaaaaat!??
    was this yesterday??
    yesterday I was at london drugs in tillicum out in the parking lot and I saw the strangest rainbow because it wasn’t raining at all and it was just there in the middle of the sky and it didn’t start or end anywhere it was just a weirdly shaped rainbow in teh sky. so strange!
    it must mean we rule. yes that’s right.

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