2 years of creative habit

august 7th marks two years of blogging on this server. first it was my IP address, then davin.dhs.org, now it’s davin.ws. right on! there’s a lack of photos lately, not because i have not been taking them, but because i have to rebuild my iPhoto library, and i am going to wait until i have my new hard drive (within the next week) to do that, because my photo library is around 15,000 pictures and weighs in around 26 gigs now. yeah! as the recent posts have displayed, i am having a bit of fun in illustrator and indesign to make up for it. my second monitor is running and this is so effing awesome i can’t begin to explain it. it’s such a nerd thing but basically the size of my digital desk just doubled! that equals more productivity in the music and graphic area. it’ll be nice to be able to have my photo library on one screen and document layout on another, and blog entry on one screen, and photo on another, and dreamweaver on one screen, and the browser on the other, and music sequencer on one screen, and instrument rack on the other.. etc etc. wooo!
here is some news: i am moving to vancouver in less than two months!! 🙂
gotta sleep. finished getting ready (i think) for my trip to vancouver and seattle which starts in 5 hours! byebye.

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  1. WOW!
    so much noose in so little time. good luck in van, if you have a moment (which somehow i doubt) before you leave, let’s have a coffee or something!

  2. Gotta love the dual monitor setup. After using 2 monitors at work for over a year now I hate going home to the single, small, 15 inch iMac … GAH! Even in the coding world more monitors == more productivity … I wish I had 3 🙂
    Good luck in Van!

  3. d00dman. ‘couver is a done deal? shweet. i’ll be a regular visitor- you can count on that. i’ll make sure you meet migs, who does sound design for movies and such. i’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding things to talk about. woot!

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