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happy belated birthday to alison, who has the #1 rated blog in canada on blizg. yay!
oh yeah, by the way.. swimming last night at oak bay rec was the bizzomb. saturday i plan on hitting up the Sooke Potholes or the All-Fun Waterslides.. haven’t decided yet. who wants to come?! so far emmy and nathan are in, but the invitation is extended to anyone who would like to hit it up. sweet!

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  1. I’d totally be there if I didn’t have a wedding to go to. I want to go to the waterslides!!
    Have fun!

  2. WOW!
    thanx davin. great pic.
    and holy crap, how the heck did i become number one.
    *feel the love*
    and, hey, i would love to get into some water play tomorrow if there is a group heading out. lots of fun to be had splashing around

  3. #1?

    as davin pointed it out earlier today. it appears that at the moment, i am the number one blog in canada on Blizg. that’s some serious shit. it must be some sort of mistake, how could this possible be. i’m…

  4. YOU’RE a pothole!
    I mean, I’m in too. I have to get the car ready for the show on Sunday, but I could work that in.

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