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there was this song that came out last year by Sasha and JunkieXL called Breezer. every time i hear it i wonder how they came up with something so full of a variety of subtleties that all work so well together as a whole.
it’s just so nice!
charles lent me both of junkie’s first two CD’s which I hope to have a listen to later tonight, maybe while playing bomberman if i am to be so lucky. i’ve also committed to posting more pictures from the weekend and also a year of resonance DJ’s on the resonance website. gallery is installed, and resonance is a year old now. wow that went quickly and smoothly. from a semi-interesting afternoon show to a bangin’ friday @ midnight – 3 AM show. support for the show is growing as awareness spreads.. we need to make some posters for the deal, though we may be moving timeslots again (what could be better than friday at midnight – 3? friday at 10:30 – 1:30!). we’ll see. the 101.9 FM AGM is this thursday so that means free pizza and pop. plus we’ll vote on some things as well.
last night i checked out ambi, a new chill evening at scoupa da soupa (government and johnson) that is being put on by yoseff, charles, and geoff. it was cool. neat space, good beverages, great music, lots of room. they’re just starting it up .. officially it starts two weeks from now so i’ll be looking forward to the next one. last night i brought some volunteer work with me and i got through a bunch of the drc stuff that i needed to, the rest i will do tonight and i’ll finish off the status report. i’m doing some project management for them since their last web person apparently fell off the face of the planet and the project has unknown status. i do not believe it is telling of the organization.
monday this week is pretty straight forward thanks to some extra effort i put in last week. lots of work to do still though, so i will be getting back to it now!

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