so long stylus

for many years in victoria, one could walk down to a place in victoria where it was possible to peruse the latest rave flyers, look at local DJ’s mix CD’s framed proudly on the wall, look through a selection of local underground branded clothes, or talk to a friendly DJ or store worker. it was home to the occassional brilliant import record, which you could listen to or even mix on the turntables that were set up. the store itself usually opened whenever the employee of the day woke up and figured out whos couch they had crashed on. that store was open for one last day on saturday. the owner and perpetuator had a great time with the store during its 6 year run, but knows that it is time to move on. in this case he will be working in the construction industry, making a lot more money. his name: scotty. the store’s name: stylus.

victoria returns to its equilibrium of 3 underground record stores.

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