entry #600

it’s early in the morning, i went to sleep at 10:30 last night.. completely exhausted.. woke up this morning.. feeling not-so-exhausted.
had a really productive day yesterday. that felt good. going to have another today! after work i am going to Steve’s to watch The Game.. boy did Vancouver ever not show up for their last game.. ah well, series is tied 2-2.. Vancouver still has home ice advantage. Steve is Victoria’s Calgary Flames fan, and is the only person in Victoria to feature a Calgary Flames Flag on his car. what’s funny is that he drives this car to where he works, which is the local broadcast station for the Canucks! haha!
funny thing is .. if you like hockey and you live in this area.. either you’re a canucks fan, or you hate the canucks.. there is no indifference.. there is not a single hockey club that i hate out there. weird how that goes. okay maybe i dislike st. louis a little bit.
the picture was taken in aberdeen. funny.. i miss driving on the wrong side of the road! i love getting lost because i am so familiar with my surroundings here in victoria.

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