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how little i read showed again, today in a public forum. i cited noam chomsky instead of ‘fast food nation’. uh, oops!
zandra and jordan had me over for a lovely high-carb vegetarian pasta + bread dinner last night. mmmmm thank you!
i saw ‘how to be a model’ last night with donna. you know, it is not that different from ‘how to be a dj’ would be, besides the basic skills of a dj (which are kind of hard to recognize if you are not into mixing). promoters, for the most part, seem to be a bit arbitrary when it comes to who they book, like model shows and the models they book. from this film i learned that there are 12 steps to modeling, a large one of them being networking — aka “go-sees” in the modeling world.
okay i could go on about the parallels but i don’t really have the time to. they are not the same. there is more rejection in the modeling world – of this i am sure. oh yeah, this film was not about supermodels, it was about your average-jane model, who is not necessarily internationally known at all but works on it full time for a half decent wage. they had a big section on getting pictures — one of the steps is getting your pictures taken. the next step: get rejected. the next step after that was get GREAT pictures and then try again. rofl!
dj’s: do a demo. get rejected (if it sucks or you have no personality.)
dj’s: do a great demo (or get a personality.) get booked.
well yeah. i said i was not going to get into it so that’s enough. if you’re a model and you want to compare your life to mine, feel free to email me and we shall discuss.
you may have noticed the icon in the address bar (some browsers ‘wont get it’). this is thanks to a link that cathie walker (cybersuds list admin) posted to the good ole’ list:
favicon generator
really simple to use and it works! cool, i say, cool.

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  1. Mr. Davin!!
    Hey dooood.
    Wanna send me the pics that you love the most? We’re needing to send one away to be put up on an “internet bulletin board”.
    I also wanna run a bio by you (hahah sounds cajun – Bio by you – Bio Bayou!).
    damn life is funny when you’re retarded or tired.
    Or both.

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