tub thumping

i wrote a letter of recommendation for ben last night. it’s not grammatically perfect but it isn’t bad for ~15 minutes. i am mailing it off today to him, signed, sealed and approved for distribution. good luck ben!
over the next few nights i will be writing addresses on envelopes and burning CD’s. actually that will probably be tomorrow night because tonight looks a bit busy. i was going to go to toastmasters tonight but now that looks doubtful because i have another priority ahead of that. later on tonight dj bedlam is playing at hush from 10:30 – 12:30 — i gotta go reprahzent — it’s chewy’s birthday.
there is a lot to fit in to the next two weeks, perhaps more than is possible. with it being the new year, a lot of people are talking about goals and whatnot. that’s generally good, but making goals once a year kind of sets you up to do things that either take a year, or take a few months and then you have eight or nine months without any goals. i make goals year-round and i am getting pretty good at attaining them, though i could work a bit on my metrics.
it’s 9 am, i’ve done pushups, showered, shaved, eaten breakfast, and now i’ve finished my (almost daily) blog post. enjoy your day everybody!

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  1. yay for the pushups.
    I am always surprised how much one can get accomplished in the morning. I read somewhere that getting up one hour earlier is the equivilant to staying up 3 hours later…or something.

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