the weekend of nonenvy

thursday night was groovy. it was great to see julie, morgan, james, kevin, leslie, tammi & gerry, paul and sandra out again — i had not seen them in a while and i miss them!
i played Dreamcache on thursday night, and it went over really well. there is not much that i am going to change with it.. maybe some bass drum variations, but it seemed to do really well. it was easy as @!#$ to mix, which is a good sign. the other really really really good sign was that i was able to take an idea from one of my dreams and turn it into reality. 2 years ago i would not have had a hope of doing that. this feels good.
boy, i had a messed up day yesterday. so many things went wrong that after all the stuff stopped going wrong, i still felt like something was going to go wrong. like, on the way from the radio station, i felt like someone was going to swerve into my lane and drive right into me. it was just a feeling. an awful one! boourns.
the bright spot of yesterday was definitely the hybrid show. i think i would like to catch up with them next week and pass them my new music demo, since they had a lot to do with the kind of sound i am going for. it’s not a rip off of their sound, but if you know the hybrid sound you can hear their influence in my music.
i think i want to change the size of the text on this here website. yeah, i just decreased it from 11 to 10. looks better, i think.
speaking of making websites, i whipped a couple of websites up for my friends matt and pete, who have both ventured far away from victoria. really they’re websites that are contained within, using moveable type and gallery capabilities, but the sites are being used and that is really cool!

i am continuing to work on the new AFK website. AFK is my producing alias. i am making a FAQ section on the website for me. do you have questions for me that have to do with making music? please post a comment on this entry! pplllllllllllllllleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
well, yesterday is over, and today has begun. so far, so good.

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  1. dood… I am so sorry I missed out on Thursday…
    Things just don’t work sometimes.. and thursday just did not work. Period.
    anyway… we should catch up.
    I’m really happy to hear that your latest and greatest received a good response. I’m at that ‘two years from now’ spot… hehehehe patience eh?
    see you soon…

  2. faq stuff:
    What do you use to write music?
    Stance on the hardware vs. software debate?
    Do you usually write the rhythm or melody first?
    Stance on the RIAA issue?
    Are fig newtons really just cookies?

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