strange dream

  • jake got in a fight with some idiot, but was on his way to losing.. this was at some mega version of denny’s
  • jake didn’t have a blackbelt in karate for some reason, and looked like he was well on his way to losing so we backed him up and got him out of there.
  • went home
  • ria was going to come over
  • it was twilight
  • the immense wind, enough that when ria arrived on my doorstep, the wind was cracking the glass, still at twilight
  • going out on some adventure with ria in the night
  • there was sudden alternations between night and day
  • we or i saw the phantom floating in the tree, chasing someone and then promptly disappearing
  • there were kids running around in the trees, kind of crouching tiger, hidden dragon style — i scolded them afterwards
  • i went inside the house
  • my dad told me the legend of the phantom type person
  • the phantom’s mask was in my bedroom when i came back
  • i couldn’t or didn’t leave my bedroom

and then i woke up. i went on here to talk to krishen about it but he wasn’t online (look at the time). i started drawing the mask (above) and finished, just as he came online. then we got to talking. this is kind of david lynchy. got interpretations?
if you’ve seen ‘spirited away’, this dream had a similar feeling. very spooky — the immense wind in particular stood out. i remember looking through the glass door and seeing the twilight glow and then the glass cracking as i looked through and saw ria arrive a few minutes later. everything was normal except for the glass door (my front door is only partly glass) and the immense wind. plus ria barely ever comes over any more. just sometimes.
so, i think my dream is over.
but i can’t leave my bedroom.
and i am staring at the mask — on my screen now. i am going to go back to sleep. please leave your ideas in the comments area!

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  1. Dav I just heard a great tune, thought maybe you could find it… electric generation – presslaboys (presslab). btw, that was a crazy dream, but I to had one. My dream consisted of me playing hockey for the Anahiem Mighty Ducks. We had a game at the Madison Square Gardens and the coach would not let me leave to change my retainer (it was falling apart). The team had some low moral. Any how, have a good one, and I should probably see you on Thursday night, and I look forward to it.

  2. wow… that’s pretty cool….
    I was looking at that phantom and leaned more towards a contemporary post-modernist Edvard Munch idea… And you know, “the Scream” was linked to the eruption of Krakatoa… That’s a pretty big event. Have you had any volcanic situations lately? Perhaps that PA we were mangling the other night? Are you worried about something?
    call me

  3. That is a very cool dream. I love those ones that are so loosly based on reality. I’ve had my fair share heh. it’s interesting, it starts off with you being in a position of power, helping your friend out of a tough situation, even if it was with more than just yourself. Then you go home and wait for someone your’re hoping is going to come over, because it doesn’t sound like you were sure and perhaps the wind was a barrier for ria to overcome to get to the house, but then of course, once she got there it was like old times. once you had your animus and anima, the adventure took shape and you ran into a few interesting characters along the way too. The phantom seemed to represent another struggle, which almost, as if just through your appearence, made it come to an abrupt end. Then, once you overcame that you were faced with a group of children that galavanted around aimlessly in the trees. again your presence stops them and you scold them and unify their actions (not sure how you scolded them exactly… and I am going to assume you mean that you told them what they had been doing was wrong and perhaps went as far as to try and teach them order, or how to behave) This could represent a large group of possible futures you see in front of you, and your efforts to understand them and accept all of them, so you may continue with your way, or it could be a unification of some unconscious material with conscious content. Then it’s also interesting that once you have gone through this journey, you alone come back to the house and once there you come across someone with which you probably attribute knowledge, who then tells you about what you’ve seen and done. it would be interesting if you remembered the legend he told you. And of course, the struggle is never totally over, hense the mask in your room and still feeling some unease…. but really I think the only person that can understand a dream is the person that had it… feelings are far too important in this medium and those are impossible to properly convey to another individual.

  4. this sounds like one of those dreams that is so weird you really can’t interpret it, because it’s just a weird mush of bits and pieces from the vault in your memory/brain. i often have really crazy dreams like that before i’m going to get the flu or something. or, actually like gurton said, eating something right before bed that i don’t usually eat and that has lots of preservatives in it, like twinkies or ho-hos. you didn’t have any ho-hos before bed, did you? 😉

  5. looks like the zone is offering an elecronic show from 10-midnight on sat nite…hmmm…check it out. It’s called sector 91 with DJs Gary Mack and G.G. I’m not sure if it;s local or a taped show.

  6. The playlist:
    Don’t Let The Man Get You Down – Fatboy Slim
    Sympathy for the Devil (Fatboy Slim Remix) – The Rolling Stones
    We Want Your Soul – Freeland
    Dance Commander (remix) – Electric 6
    Lucky Star – Basement Jaxx
    Somebody To Love – Boogie Pimps
    Heartbreaker – Slan
    E-Samba – Junior Jack
    Hablas – Hablas
    Truly (Infusion remix) – Delerium
    Tremble (Dubis remix) – Clare Quilty
    Milkshake (X-Press 2 remix) – Kelis
    Stoned (Deep Dish remix) – Dido
    White Flag (Scumfrog Remix) – Dido
    My Empire (Peter Rauhofer remix) – Lula
    Problem Is (Jon Carter remix) – Dub Pistols
    World Machine – Electro Kingdom
    I’ll Be There – Weekend Players

  7. Davin0.
    That’s really weird, so many ppl had strange dreams taht night, must have been a full moon.
    Hope all is well!

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