woo! that was shameless!
last night i finished pre-producing the hybrid show that will be airing on resonance this friday from 3-4 pm on 101.9 FM.
woo! that was shameless!
tonight i’ll be finishing off Dreamcache v. 2. version one was good, but it’s gone , gone, gone. the new version is much gooder (already) and does not sound too Magneticish. although you can tell it’s produced by me! it’s more melodic than Magnetic, which was a bit of a tech trance breakbeat stormer.
woo! that was shameless!
also i am almost done the website for AFK. content is almost on the way, design and construction is done, and the vhost is all set up. suhweet!
woo! that was shameless!

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  1. davin,
    i was tortured tonight – i had to leave early! you made that very difficult! thanx for the great music! love to get a copy of your stuff, are you going to post it?

  2. davin,as always the music was stellar,yourself and senor braeden always seem to be on the same level when you spin together.this is a very good thing.the both of you rawked le haus!

  3. chrissie, aww thank you for the compliment.
    kev: yep i am teh crazy
    julie: see you sooner!
    paul: i will post some snippets but it’s generally a bad idea to post not yet (but hopefully, soon) signed music to the web. record labels don’t like to sign mp3’s. however, a sample will be available!
    james: thank you, it was great to play for all my friends who showed up!
    neil: hoohaw!

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