one year with the G2

yeah! that’s right, exactly one year ago i took my very first shot with my canon powershot G2. what an effing fantastic purchase. i have never had a camera before but have thoroughly enjoyed my first year harassing people and capturing neat things with it. in particular, night time time-exposures have been grande fun and i look forward to capturing more ambient light! i even caught some of the northern lights recently.. cool!!
here are some stats for the last year:

  • 14327: Shots taken since December 15, 2002 at 8 PM
  • 39.25205479452055: average number of shots per day
  • 1939: number of shots I think are good

many more shots on the way. i still have too many to post!
thank you to jim and julie for all your inspiration, help and answering my questions over and over. (“what’s apeture??” haha.) which i suppose is help as well. but yeah so there!

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