foot in mouth prize

Scottish Ale from the Longwood BrewPub in Nanaimo. one of the best beers you can get. the best beer i’ve ever had.
oh yeah, here it is — the foot in mouth prize for donald rumsfeld. people with this much power actually talk this way? it’s true. wow. by the way, my connection at home has gone down the tube for some reason and i can’t really say i know why. i’ll be calling shaw later tonight to find out because the load time is just brutal lately, and surfing from home is painful. boourns.

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  1. painfully slow to load your site Davin.
    Beer, not something I regard as ‘good’ tasting. Beer is swill, case closed; but everyone tries to make something that is at least a bit palatable; and does not taste like horse piss. Most beers fall into the latter category, but I’m glad you found one that’s tasty.

  2. yeah I saw that article the other day and my roomate and I were laughing so hard as I read it out loud to him. try it, it’s even more amusing when you hear it spoken:) Of course, our leaders are actually not very intellegent and most of them are unqualified to hold the position they do. Very seldom does a true leader come along that is capable of even the most mundane task of writting their own speaches, so that they can be clearly understood. It’s too bad we live in a world in which we still have leaders, but that won’t change untill we remove the class system that was brought into being during the enclosure acts. Thank god our system of capitalistic democracy is robust enough to fucntion, albeit haphazardly, while inept leaders are at the helm.

  3. oh denis, be nice! i’d bet there are more people who like beer than don’t like it. i think you’d be in the minority. true, there are lots of bad beers (those made my big manufacturers, say), but there are also many very good beers made by expert brewmasters. race rocks is one of my favourites, and it’s made right here in victoria.
    my motto? beer is happiness. case closed. 😉

  4. oh yeah, it makes sense. The problem is he’s not saying anything. He’s just saying they know things and they don’t… that means nothing. The reason he’s putting his foot in his mouth is not because you can’t understand him, but because he’s an incompetent man and can’t even make up a good lie when both himself and his government are busy not telling anyone the truth (of course, their reasoning behind this is that the enemy might be listing and if they know what we know, then they’ll know what we don’t know and we’ll be fucked!)

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