speeding along

the picture above is of nathan’s brand new 2003 celica. yum. i hung out with him a few times recently, the most recent being monday night. we played 4 player snes bomberman and listened to rad music. ahh, mindless fun.
after beating snes bomberman at 4:30 A.M. (yesterday morning), i went home and sat in my room. i then proceeded to order a dual 1 gHz G4 card and 512 megs of ram from Other World Computing. this will be a significant upgrade to my computer (the server this site runs from) and is intended to extend the life of the computer by a couple years at least. it is currently a quicksilver 733 mHz G4 with 640 megs of ram. yeah. this is gonna rock. i have also yet to install panther (10.3) and i am thinking i should grab a 5 button mouse soon.

part of the reason i am doing all of this is because i want to take my music production to a new level. this is an investment in me.
i went out to vista 18 last night with cecelia. she phoned me — she wasn’t sure what to do, but i assured her she had done the right thing by phoning me immediately. she won $5000 at the casino and so we celebrated in style. we went through a bunch of clichés after, such as “those who say they never got a chance often times never took a chance” etc. that was fun. then we hit up hugos where it was agreed that it was a small town bar trying to be a big town bar. which is okay, i mean if there was nowhere like hugos in town victoria would feel really small. i go there every now and then just because it is somewhere i would never go a couple years ago.

travelling changes your perspective on things though — i mean it affects everyone differently, but for me personally it has opened me up to things that i had pigeonholed myself against before. and why did i pigeonhole myself? i don’t know..

it occured to me after hanging out with cecelia last night that getting to know some people better is inevitable. i find myself half-knowing some people, or knowing people in a certain capacity quite often, feeling like i am scraping at the surface. i mean, two people have to be ready to get to know eachother better obviously, however.. there’s also the inherent pigeonholing that people do subconsciously of others.
not that i am in any rush to get to know people better. just, these things are happening. it is the product of spending time and paying attention. oh, and asking the odd question here and there.

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  1. pigeonholing is rotten. We dont mean to do it, it just seems to happen. For it not to happen requires us to be ever so concious of the moment or something. My problem with pigeonholing is that I’m so much older than y’all hehehe. Age diff shouldn’t mean anything, but alas, it does. I’m just glad I’m not completely rejected, for that would be the end for sure. Sure, we all have to dodge the slings and arrows that life has to offer, but at the same time, we should be taking more care with the people we associate with, so that aquaintances can turn into friendships that last forever. Unfortunately, we are not all on the same wavelength.

  2. the picture on my blog today, it came after i said to my companion, “i’m going to be like davin.” your flair for connecting with people,it inspires me. rather than sneaking a photo as i walked past, i instead blurted out, “so, what are you folks up to? are you learning stuff? mind if i take pictures?”
    just a small attempt at connection, and from it i got so much better results. i’ve been terrible at small talk of late, you’ve shown me that it’s just that, and that small things are easy, and that small things need not be big things, and you’ve reminded me that all that ever became big always started small.

  3. Bombermans secret: If you die in bomberman, you become invincible after respawn (bombs and enemies cannot hurt you) for about 5 seconds.
    The trick is this, once respawned, drop a bomb and STAY ON IT continually dropping bombs (keep pressing, even if your aren’t dropping any), once the first bomb explodes, it’s fire will ignite the next bomb and will give you a holy flame aura. Now mobilize yourself and fly through the level, but beware the exit door!
    This secret applied to the SNES version of Super Bomberman.

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