here i am again

with waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many pictures to post.

miss innocent IDing tracks at resonance, slobadon (swedish techno DJ) in the background, spinning.
i am still kind of in awe at how fast a dual 1gHz G4 is.

colleen aka miss innocent spinning on resonance
really fast. anyway, this has got me inspired. alls i need is a good keyboard to play on (shhh don’t tell anyone) and come up with melodies and basslines etc. i usually do it on the computer but it’s really simply not as good.

slobadon aka staffan at resonance. he’s got over 30 12″‘s out. yowza.
i’ll do a bigger post later (because it is in me), but for now, you can know all is mostly well in my life and things are cool, man.

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  1. Hey! That’s the same guy I have a whole bunch of music by! I didn’t know it was the same one whose music I had! Sweet!

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