hallowe’en 2003

the devil and .. a guy with a lot of makeup face off. my money is on the devil.
what a crazy night. it was the night i had been waiting for all month and it delivered more than i expected!

first.. i played both formulate’s remix of magnetic and my own.. i put formulate’s remix on earlier in my set, and it went over really well.. stoked the crowd for the next while — there are some really sick edits that justin did in the breakdown and people really dug that. i dig it. yus!
i played my remix and it was received really well. i don’t know actually, people seemed to like everything i played last night. of course, one is more conscious of their own work and so i should say that people enjoyed it. it’s pretty wild watching people turn into zombies from the midsection of the song.

it only took The Artist 5 minutes to grow this quality beard
second.. the costumes. i went as the artist formerly known as prince, and was accompanied by an entire bodyguard team of trained professional killers!
that was tonnes of fun and i had never done a group costume thing before. it was GWARDEZ!!!! (gnarly wicked awesome radical deadly excellent zope.)

number one, james, the artist, kevin, and agent zero.
julie kevin leslie james you rock! more pictures of the group are in a new photo gallery, which i will get to in a minute..

looks like this vampire needs to go back to vampire school. safari sarah escaped unscathed!
the venue was really quite awesome.. perfect size, high ceilings, facilities, room to dance, room to sit, parking, etc etc. raaaaaaaaadness.

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  1. Awesome pictures Davin! Your set was fantastic lastnight, and I kept thinking about what you told me at the radio station while you were eating your apple while up on the decks, haha.

  2. What an awesome venue 😀
    I really enjoyed myself the other night, great music throughout! Truly worth the wait :):)

  3. That was quite a night Davin. I really enjoyed that set. And how bout THAT for a venue?!?! The cops came by during your set, and had no problem at all with us. They said happy hallowe’en, and left. That was Spec Project #20!!!! 20 unbusted parties! In this town, that is unheard of.

  4. Dav, thanks for playing a wonderful set, and thanks for playing a wonderful prince; however, was it that far of a stretch for you? 🙂 See you soon…
    ps, let’s talk resonance!

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