totally tubular

for some reason i am finding the tube really easy to get around on — more so than the bus. i had a fun and rather full day today.
i went into the tubes.
i went in search of the elusive Tag Records, which is apparently sasha and digweed’s favorite record store here in London. the information i had for the location must have been old, however, as when i finally found the place (it was on a road that was on none of the street maps), it was empty and the phone number didn’t work either. bizarre! that’s too underground!
afterwards i took the tubes to meet up with emily and corinne. emily headed back to prague (or praha, as they say) and i went back into the tubes to go meet up with lee (aka canadian ice) and the End Of The World pub. awww yeah, we were in da pub with a bit more than fifty pence. i spent a rather quick hour and a half with lee and then was back in the tubes to go meet dale andersen. we had japanese beer and japanese food and it was really quite good. then we headed back into the tubes into Greenwich (of GMT fame) and i checked out his music production studio. man, bajwa and dale andersen make some good music, and i received several of their new tracks tonight. i haven’t been able to do any record shopping in London but I don’t even mind because the music that i received from dale is better than most records that i hear in the stores. after that i went back into the tubes and here i am again!

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  1. that canadian ice thing was right strange – but fun!
    I just found myself five minutes later saying “Something…grabs a hold of me tightly…”
    damn it!

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