no requirements

okay. here it is. i have been thinking about doing this, so now i am going to.
next week, i am sending out postcards from london to my friends. but i have decided to send out postcards to my blogreaders as well, all 3 of them! so if you want me to mail you a hand-written postcard, email me your mailing address and leave a comment on this post saying that you’ve emailed me. i get a lot of junkmail so you’ll have to commen to make sure i check my email for a message from you if i am not familiar with your email address!
pretty easy for a post card, eh?
ps: i wont be offended if you don’t want a post card. but they are pretty cool to receive. cooler than email! (don’t tell strongbad)

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  1. i have completed the requirements for your “no requirements” promotion. several (2 or less) cats are now stationed by my mailbox in grand anticipation of things to come.

  2. Daaaaamn girl, check out this postcard I just received in the mail, word up it’s – If I can’t be considered worldly myself, then perhaps by proxy…
    As a personal plus, when Davin is famous I’ll be looting this postcard on ebay.

  3. Ooh! Snail mail, just my thing!!
    I’ve emailed you with the subject line
    “Snail me, DJ baby!”
    Glad you’re having fun on the other side of the pond. 😀

  4. London is fab00lus, wish I was there hahaha, no seriously, I do!!!! Can’t wait for the pics. Get the papersellers around Picadflly Circus to speak…. some of them speak a gobble-de-gook language which will blow you away mate!

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