light show tonight

tonight is victoria’s annual installment of luminara, an event i have only heard of — never been to. the image above is from a month ago when krishen visited victoria and people were making little floating lanterns at twilight on gonzales beach. krishen took this picture, i think!
take a look at this description from the luminara victoria website:

“Imagine if you will, a stroll in the park on a warm summer night, the darkness gently pushed back by the glow of thousands of colourful handmade lanterns. While many are carried by those who attend the event, many more are part of the numerous and imaginative installations scattered throughout the park. They tantalize with their intoxicating blend of shadow, light and colour. Accoustic music gently drifts through the park while performance artists and dancers set light in motion, adding pageantry and spectacle.”

sounds like fun, and sounds like i will be exercising my tripod tonight!

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  1. Please post some pictures, Davin! — I went for the first time last night and didn’t take a camera (just a dog small enough to be stepped on in the throng, but heavy enough to be a nuisance to carry), and I would love to be able to point to some good shots on my blog. 🙂

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