back in 2 the grind

i am back at work, and though lots has gone on since i’ve been gone, i don’t feel like i have missed a beat. i am back into it and ready to be challenged, which is a great feeling.
tomorrow marks my return to the air and .. i don’t think i mentioned before that resonance has been extended to 2 hours for the summer! it still starts at 3 pm and goes til’ 5 pm (PDT).
choon of the moment: Dave Gahan – Dirty Sticky Floors (JunkyXL remixes) .. oooh is JunkyXL ever doing it lately — his Infusion – Legacy remix was completely massive. while i am on the topic, a starecase remix of dejure – sanctuary is due to be out this week which really quite interests me! wheeeeeeeeeee! new starecase! hooray! no word yet exactly when hybrid’s new album is supposed to be out.
the pictures are from the fat kat’s ‘meow’ at one lounge last night, where a DJ named Tatiana Alvarez from LA was featured… take a look below!

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  1. welcome home davin. thanks for sending us a postcard – it arrived yesterday to much fanfare and has found a home up on our fridge.
    wanna play soccer? a bunch of us have started playing seven o’clock, friday evenings. last week was our first time out and we had a great time. so if you and/or any of your friends wish to run themselves silly in a fun, causal but challenging came of pick up ball come on down to vic high tonight. everyone welcome.
    have fun mixing it up this afternoon…i’ll be tuned in if possible. darcee and i our taking logan (our son) to the new spy kids movie today or tomorrow. it’s in 3D so we get to wear the funky glasses…needless to say i’m pretty excited to see how far the technology has come since jaws 3D. hope you enjoy your day. word-life.

  2. jared, cool! the last 3d movie i saw was a 3d version of the imax dino movie, which was cool. the dino movie itself isn’t so great without the 3d (i saw it again by accident.. whoops!)
    chrissie. . .it should be there by now!

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