3 night stand @ lucky bar, victoria

i just got back from picking up mom, dad & neil from the airport! funny how that works..
i was just going to post pictures and not say anything, but i probably should mention a couple things..

this is a band i went to see on tuesday

named 3 night stand

and they play

really really really


that’s steve above. he is in the band.

that’s mike above. he is not in the band.. but he is essential.

this is pete. he is an idiot, and not in the band.

this is steve. he is also an idiot, and he is in the band!
if you’re looking for pictures from p-dawg’s birthday bash last night at the one lounge, i am still going to post them, but i’ll be posting them tomorrow and snowbirds pictures will be posted on saturday!
resonance is on tomorrow! i have a 2 hour radio set which i am preparing for while blogging, and saturday i have a rather large 2.5 hour set to prepare for which i’ll have to start from scratch on saturday morning.
i also have good and bad news. the bad news first. my shift at the hospital is not happening tomorrow. the good news is that my shift at the hospital is not happening tomorrow. yeah. so, you see, i would have had a day that started at 7 a.m. tomorrow and ended at around 7 p.m., while still owing work an hour of work time. since now i don’t have a hospital shift on the same day as my radio show, my day is shortened a bit since i’ll be able to start at work early to make up for leaving in the middle of the day to do the radio show bit! yeehaw! well, this isn’t really news. i don’t think it effects anyone else but me. so it’s like .. a thought. but not a very interesting one.

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  1. chrissie: no but he did go out with faerie.. close, but totally different peoples!
    devon: like omg i phoned you last night but there was no answer. oo:_grr;

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