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  1. We all need to be educated about ‘security’. The main message from the risk management course is “SECURITY IS EVERYONE’S JOB!” It doesn’t mean you have to be paranoid or nervous all the time, but it does mean that you teach yourself to always be aware of where you are, and what you are doing, and what others around you are doing.
    Job security? Really, is there such a thing now? Can a creative person accept job security, and get themselves locked into the same old same old for 40 years? nuh uh! Job security for the person who’s priorities are raising a family and settling down is undoubtedly very important.
    Financial security is the best one, for it helps you attain other levels of ‘security’ easier.
    Insurance is also a big part of security. Security of mind

  2. Security to me is loving and knowing you’re loved. I don’t need much more than that. I’m being impractical, yes. But my heart tells me that really – in the giant scheme of our short time here – that kind of security will last lifetimes.

  3. good question. automatically and perhaps influenced by your shweet pic I thought of doormen. doormeat. good security is part of the attraction off a club. they make you feel welcome and you feel like if the shizz went down they’d get your back. most security, unfortunately, consists of muscleheads hired out of the gym for their size. most definitely not for their personality. to them I say- you are door meat. for the good ones, of which I have had the pleasure of knowing several, you guys KNOW that if it comes to blows, you’ve done something wrong. and when it comes down to that you know it’s not about throwing punches, it’s about eliminating the problem. get him out. defuse. that is good security.
    you’d think i’ve worked in clubs for ten years or something.

  4. denis: job security.. i don’t really think there is much of any to be found these days. things seem to be working on contracts and so forth.
    toki: everyone wants to be wanted and loves to be loved.
    mischiff: ha ha! my picture did you in. fantastic. did you know that security guy stand 6 inches tall? you move him .. and he moves his head all cool-like. i agree about the security guys. there are some pretty confrontational ones out there, trying so hard to assert themselves physically with dire consequences when all they need is manners. in a lot of the cases, the security people i have see are no better behaved than the so-called ‘scum’ they’re tossing out of the given venue.

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