saturday night fever

i sat home last night with a strange feeling of tiredness combined with antsy-ness. is that a word? anyway.. i grabbed my bag, picked up nick and we hit up kube to hang out with yoseff, craig, maria, justin and emmy and all the other regulars.
unfortunately we got there too late and craig, justin and emmy had disappeared somewhere. we listened to yoseff tear it up for an hour and then helped clean up. i took a couple pictures at the end, after the music had finished. my side bag, which holds my camera and my dayplanner/wallet was left a bit open, but nothing usually falls out of there. we left the club and as we were outside, i noticed my bag felt a bit light. i put the turntable and the mixer i was carrying down, and searched through my bag for everything. i felt the camera, my glasses case, and a bunch of magic cards i had had come out of their case so i decided to zip up the bag and deal with it all later.
i dropped off maria, yoseff and then i dropped off nick. i got home and then cleaned up the magic cards that were in my bag, and then i noticed that i didn’t have my wallet/dayplanner in it. uh oh. i looked all around the house and double checked the usual spots. i had to go downtown again to make sure i didn’t drop it on the street or outside the club. no, nowhere, not in 7-11, not anywhere. i cruised near the water on the east side of victoria, since it was around 4 a.m. i figured i would see some glimmer of the sunrise, but no, nothing. i drove up mt. tolmie and still saw nothing. the clouds obfuscated everything. bleeh. i figured i could at least salvage the moment by taking a picture for jim’s weekend sunrise project but there was nothing significant to be captured. yeah. i was tired anyways. so i went home, walletless.
or so i thought! i found my wallet beside my tennis racquet! woohoo!
tonight: xen0fex party, hush, then maybe out to quest for The Photo!

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  1. *whew* That was an emotional post – everyone can relate to losing a wallet. Few things suck like that… Nice to see a happy ending, sir.

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