it looks half decent

i woke up after 9-10 hours of sleep and i feel like absolute hell! i am going to go have a shower and see if things get any better..
the day looks half decent and is probably worth being up for. i sneezed several times in the last few minutes. i think i am allergic to myself!
here is what i came up with last week when i was discussing the kind of comments that could be made by the protagonist in the movie that is To Be Made:
“You are weak! If you were strong, you would know that!”
Nigel Haze is going to do the voice, Formulate / Justin will be playing the masked character who says such lines. so far, that’s all we’ve got.. it’s a start though! i figure Nigel can do some improvisation .. he’s got the right japanamation/superiority complex/samari/bad translation voice. i think this is also a winner from his bundle of creations:
“Your wisdom is self evident … and wise!”
enough about The Movie.. coming soon to .. DJ Freya vs. DJ Nigel Haze. . live and in motion!

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