i am having what i expect most days to be like. you know, they’re not all this good. not that is day is perfect — it isn’t, but it is far better than bad.
swerve went really well last night — i enjoyed djing and was very happy with my set and tim played one of his strongest performances yet. after the bar closed we went to denny’s for some food and hilarity ensued. i don’t think i will post the movies. well maybe i will. i need consent first from ria. heheheheh.
i turned my phone on just as we were leaving the club and received a message from The Sandman in Vancouver that they had found my glasses. this is especially good, especially since i find myself staring at a screen a lot these days.
today i have been designing drafts and sitting beside a sunny window. it’s so nice out and it’s helping me be creative. nice! it doesn’t usually work that way for me.
oh and as jester had pointed out, everyone and their dog has done the googlism thing.. everyone except me. until now! take a look at my unique results for ariz0na!

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