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1:38:42 AM: *** ymerej (default@ has joined channel #Proghouse
2:14:25 AM: ymerej: hey anyone know how good the quality is for pic taken by a 2.1 megapixel camera
2:15:15 AM: ariz0na: 2.1 megapixel only refers to the total pixel count of the camera when taking an image at maximum resolution
2:15:22 AM: ariz0na: it doesn’t really have much to do with quality
2:15:30 AM: ariz0na: it’s strictly for resolution metrics
2:15:38 AM: ymerej: so
2:16:21 AM: ymerej: what your saying is a sony mavica 1megapixel can taken good as good pictures as say a fuji 4megapixl camera
2:16:44 AM: ariz0na: actually no I’m not saying that
2:17:00 AM: ymerej: [ariz0na] it doesn’t really have much to do with quality
2:17:04 AM: ariz0na: what I am saying is that you’re going to get different maximum resolution
2:17:17 AM: ariz0na: do you understand what resolution means?
2:17:21 AM: ymerej: blah
2:17:25 AM: ymerej: yes
2:17:26 AM: ariz0na: ok
2:17:39 AM: ymerej: forget
2:17:56 AM: ariz0na: quality of picture is seperate from resolution ..
2:17:58 AM: ymerej: dont ever become a teacher or person who answer anybodys questions, you suck
2:18:02 AM: *** ymerej has left channel #Proghouse

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  1. bwahaaHAA! I’m with krishen, I see where he got confused, but I see where you were coming from. I think you were doomed from the start though, he may as well have asked, “hey anyone know how good the quality is for pic taken by a 35mm camera?”

  2. yeah i saw where he was coming from too .. i just didn’t want to mislead him into thinking quality was synonymous with resolution.. he quit right away without seeking what it was i meant! ah well

  3. to him, I say “dont ever become a guy or person who ask anybodys questions, you suck at make sentence”

  4. Heehee, but quality IS synonymous with resolution!!
    Just like more megahertz makes a more powerful computer!
    “Gimme 1.5 mhz so I can whop that 1.4 mhz G4’s ass”

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