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15 second time exposure with some serious bass vibrating the camera.
saturday night was huuuuuuuuuge! i took about 100 pictures and i’ll post them when i decide which ones should go up. i have looked through them a few times and i am not sure (besides the one above) which ones i like and which ones i don’t like. well, there are a few i didn’t like, so they’re gone. . but that’s 3 out of 100. i do not want to post 97 pictures. that’s too much.

of course, there are other things in this world to talk about. not working today is kind of nice. i mean, i don’t have a job any more! but.. i have stuff to do today:

  • paying a ticket
  • doing taxes
  • submitting the “you’re a star” stuff to bchydro

not in any order. one other thing is ..
i have 4 gigs left on my saturn. i have been meaning to move the user folders over to jupiter ’cause it has 40 gigs free (out of 120) which would free up more space for this site (it’s on saturn) .. probably 20 more gigs. or so. i am just guessing. it would be significant .. also my photolibrary is on saturn and it would be moved over to jupiter which would be good. krishen told me that it is a bit more complicated than dragging and dropping folders.
that was 4 months ago. i have not found out what the complications are.
let me add that to my list of things to do today:

  • paying a ticket
  • doing taxes
  • submitting the “you’re a star” stuff to bchydro
  • finding out what i need to do before moving the users folders over to another drive

see, now i clearly have my work cut out for me. yeah.

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  1. dragon drop. the worst thing that could happen on a mac is that after moving the files, it’ll spoil you for any woman ever born and then make you breakfast.
    on another note, i always name my drives after girls, usually mary. you are far more planetary than i.

  2. jim, unfortunately the unix underpinnings of mac os x make things a little more complicated than that, but it’s still straighforward bit of surgery. the always-excellent has two independent articles on how to go about the process (i find the first one easier to understand):
    (these would have been hyperlinked but i think i remember you had html off in your comments)

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