the only place for me

on the 10th day
i have found the place that resonates a perfect harmony with my soul. i am staying there forever. yes, folks, i am talking about nanaimo. you see, for me, life is not about half decent transit systems. life is not about a place to eat that is open 24 hours. life is not about places to go for coffee other than tim hortons. life is not about indoor tennis courts that charge less than $20 per hour. life is not about smoke free bars or smoke free restaurants.
life is about rockin it out at all times as hard as possible until you just cant give ‘er any more. then you sleep, wake up and do it all over again. that is why i found true solace in this place. there aren’t any rules to stop you!!!

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  1. I may or may not know the late night doughnut baker at a Nanaimo Timmy’s. If they have the best apple fritters, and there’s a creepy lookin’ guy there at night named Tiny, say hi – he’s cool 🙂

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