how the heck do i get out of this country?

the atlantic navigator’s crew spotted an error in the navigation system after discovering they were in the pacific ocean
whew, that was a close one.
i have been filling out my passport junk and getting everything together for submission to get the passport. i pretty much have it all together now except for a couple minor things, but one thing that totally threw me for a loop was the Declaration of Guarantor. to get a passport, you need one of the following to verify your existence:

  • dentist, medical doctor, or chiropractor
  • judge, magistrate, police officer (municiple, provincial, or RCMP)
  • lawyer (member of a provincial bar association)
  • mayor
  • minister of religion authorized under provincial law to perform marriages
  • notary public
  • optometrist
  • pharmacist
  • postmaster
  • principal of primary or secondary school
  • professional accountant (member of APA, CA, CGA, CMA or RPA)
  • professional engineer (P. Eng., Eng. in Quebec)
  • senior administrator in a community college (includes CEGEPs)
  • senior administrator or teacher in a university
  • veterinarian

it’s much easier to get out of craigderroch castle
basically the only job out of that list that fits the description of someone i know or talk to more than once every 2 years is my medical doctor. so, i phoned him up .. but he’s not canadian! lucky for me i have inferior eyesight, so my optometrist is going to be able to do it for me. sweetcore.

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  1. thanks you guys, although i did frame it and did all the exposure and F-Stop stuff, the picture was actually jim’s idea. so the girlz0na collective thanks joo!

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