april vancouver trip

the canucks won the first game against the wild! wooohooo! this one was pretty exciting.. a goal with 1.2 seconds left in the 3rd period by the canucks for overtime and an eventual win not long into overtime. sweeeet. i was not there but i sure would have liked to have been.
man i sure should be a lot more tired from only getting 2 hours of sleep last night, and it being 2 a.m. now and all, but i am not. i’ve got some pix from the trip — not a lot, because we were only there for the day, but some ones from travelling. this isn’t a tour of bcferries, at all, nor is it at all comprehensive when it comes to information about bcferries. this is not meant as a guide for how bcferries was, or will be. it is what one could see today. well now that we’ve got that out of the way you can now take a look at all the stuff you’ve seen before if you’ve been on the bcferries. if not, it’s somewhat pleasant for the most part. confused now or what?

first of all .. this is what kind of ferry runs between victoria and vancouver. it is rather large, for a ferry. it has a 2100 person capacity and can hold around 470 vehicles.

we caught the 7 a.m. ferry, so there were not too many people around on deck 7.

for anyone that’s been on the ferries, this picture and the next are fodder. i liked something about these ones, though. here you see some gulf island in the mist. maybe it was galiano.

more gulf islands in the mist.

we arrived in vancouver. this looks so fake.

it isn’t..

the library downtown in vancouver is a really cool building. many years ago, i learned the difference between gif’s and jpegs in that library. neato mosquito.

before departing, we went into the overpriced cafe at the tswassen terminal. you can see point roberts in the distance.. it always looks cool at night. kinda cool in the daytime too.

for those of you who once lived in bc (hi matt! SH!), you know what bcferries’s logo used to look like. flowers and all that bc flag stuff. now it’s a couple of swooshes. i think they made it in macromedia fireworks. in about 2 minutes. here you can see the fine paint job someone did to the chimney of the ferry i was on. in a hurry .. i guess. what’s really funny is that on their website they photoshopped the logo onto an existing image. faaaaaaaantastic.

okay, so they painted over the old chimney with the blue paint. woo, but they forgot the swooshes! oops. you can click on this image for a bigger version. recognize waldo in this picture?

the sun began to set and things started to look cool. this one is also clickable for a bigger image. laaaaarge.

yep that’s my shadow, caught without a flash.

everyone has done this.
obligatory sunset shot from the ferry.
i bet no one else has rotated their pic 32 degrees counter clockwise though..

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  1. i think that’s coal point. point roberts is on the other side of the terminal, in the us, and is a sleepy place of cottages, gas stations, casinos and liquor stores.

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