valentines day

awwww yeah!
so, on another day (like maybe tomorrow) i am going to do an atlin trip post. i will detail some things. and not some other things, like zoodip.
happy valentines day everyone!
ps: moveable type has been doing some odd thing when i post from work. it is changing the status of my posted post from published to draft when i log out. not sure why this is but i suspect it’s something to do with duplicated login cached cookies. in any case, it’s not a big deal, just annoying.. i haven’t had that problem anywhere else but at work.

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  1. Hi Davin (and Krishen and everybody else),
    where and what is atlin anyways, and what is is that you are doing there?
    greetings from upstate New York
    Daniel aka Dani

  2. Yes, Happy “Excuse To Have Socially Sanctioned Sex” Day to you, too!
    Did you know that it costs more to fly to Whitehorse than it does to fly to England?
    England needs power-smart demonstrations! See if you can convince your boss…

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