possibly maybe

i was going to post the lyrics to bjork’s “possibly maybe,” but after reading them, i don’t think i like them all that much. i thought they were more subtle but perhaps it is just that i don’t understand what she’s actually singing all the time.. still a good song though.
speaking of good music, the new massive attack album that is due out in february is boss. the last track is soooooo good. it’s darker than usual but it’s a pleasure to listen to, without a doubt.
and speaking of albums, i hear the new hybrid album is circulating. it’s too bad that the promo deal between hybrid and my radio show never really worked out properly .. i got all of their stuff, but it could have been more solid, quicker .. all of those things. then again, hybrid said their album was going to come out a year and a half ago .. it seems that there were several loose ends or something. there has definitely been enough time between the albums. to say i am looking forward to this one is a serious case of understatement.
today was the first Real Day of bagging bulbs in The Second Secret Location. we packed a lot .. probably about 2000 of them. that is a lot, however it’s barely a dent in what we have to do.. somewhere around 120,000 or so. i have never worked in an assembly line quite like the one today though .. so much energy — it was lots of fun. having a ghetto blaster on pretty loud kept things going at a furious pace and it was definitely satisfying after doing office work all week.
big ups to the p.a.f. massive!
i am phasing in and out of sleepiness here. i think it’s time to leave work and go home to eat and whatnot. tonight i may go rock climbing and i may also end up in the rock city area. the two are not related.

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  1. hey dav, i was wondering if you could help me? The Depeche Mode remix we discussed while at the Pub. Who is the Dj? I want to Download it. Thanks if you can help:)

  2. We lust for honeysuckle
    Strangers (strange things)
    Lifes trawl pages
    Pick thin thing
    Tempted by the naked eye
    Morning sunrise
    I want air
    Need it like a supplicant
    Darkened skin
    Afraid to see
    Open lips
    Keep smiling for me
    Darkened skin
    Afraid to see
    Open lips
    Keep smiling for me
    We lust called honeysuckle
    Let’s get freckles
    I can’t take
    On my lips (on my lips)
    Under your feet

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