deep dish

haha 🙂
krishen left for florida (again) today. sunday i leave for nanaimo.
so anyways, i recorded my mix last night. but i didn’t turn the webserver (this webserver) off before i did it. i should’ve. i had many visitors last night and there are some recording glitches because of it.
ugh, so i have to redo the mix now.

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  1. davin,
    have a good one in nam’
    lord knows i did for 10 years…
    anyways, take care. and maybe i’ll see you around sometime. if i ever get this phobia of socialization under control.

  2. hey we’re having drinks tonight–me, james, leslie and kev–’cause kev leaves for *nanaimo* tomorrow for school. we should all meet up! christie’s pub? whaddya think?

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