so what do you want to catch?

tomorrow is the last day of work for the victoria power smart youth team. woohoo! i am happy, yet i am sad. as any of my regular readers or any of my friends would know, i’ve really enjoyed this job and it really went by quickly. i had my post-employment interview today and that’s when it really felt like time had evaporated.
my endofterm party is tomorrow evening and i’ve barely begun to clean up. everybody seems to be moving or cleaning up, or both.

in other news, i finally figured out how to use the macro on the fuji cameras at work. i suppose this will be useful for next term in nanaimo! speaking of nanaimo, it seems apparent to me that i will be doing a lot of reading and working out and such up there. i mean, what else is there to do in nanaimo?

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  1. Hey!, you could always play pr0g at the PR or the Metro!!!! You know how much they do lubb0r thier pr0g. Also, there are never any rednecks to smash beer bottles over your head, as the club clientele are very electronica knowledgeable.
    Nanaimo, in it’s jaunty nautical surroundings; with the faint blair of a BC Ferry horn, or a stomach wrenching whiff of a pulp mill. And if you tire of looking at one mall, just turn around, there’s another across the street!

  2. The gym is all we have brother…
    from:the soon to be co-captain of a sinking ship called the nanaimo project.

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