first night

i just got my first camera earlier today, a canon powershot G2. i took many pictures tonight.

the power went out for about 3 or 4 hours today at around 1 PM due to a large wind storm. at 3 a.m., the bc hydro lines men were still repairing. looked like an awfully tough night for them!

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  1. schww-eet! that was totally fun last night. i was lying in bed this morning thinking about how i could possibly get my hot little hands on a g2. what a great camera! i *want* one!
    you have to send me the movie we did in timmy’s. i’m dying to see it again!

  2. krishen: word. i mean unword. i think i need to be shooting in raw file format instead of the highest level of compression. there’s some graininess in those pictures that i’m not supre happy about. i dunno how to do that yet. i will find out!
    julie: haha, all the movies are a bit .. funny. i will post them in a secret directory.

  3. so is the g2 really good? im getting a camera after xmas and im really torn on which to get, i want good manual settings and the ones i was deciding over are the fuji finepix 3800, sony dsc s85 and the powershot g2.. i has to be good in lowlight too. any advice?
    sorry to highjack =P

  4. champ, i’d avoid the fuji .. i’ve just been using one for the last 3 months and it does poorly in low light settings, in particular the 3800 (that’s the new one right?) has a reputation for not doing well in low light settings, and that was a testimonial from an owner. so, i’d believe it. as for the sony, i don’t know for sure, but sony isn’t really much of a camera company. canon is. that might sound like a silly way to decide, but to me, I can see better support coming from a camera company. i can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything in the sense of ‘good’ when it comes to support from sony.
    hope this helps!

  5. Fair enough! out with the fuji for sure. how does the g2 do in low light?
    im definetly leaning towards canon now =D

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