who am i?

jim posted a little thingie with questions on his site. if you haven’t been to jim’s elite site yet, go look and fill out his thingie. here are my answers:
my name is davin.
i was born in victoria.
i am born in victoria.
currently, i live in victoria. i have plans to move elsewhere in january. today i got another job offer from bchydro to work in nanaimo on their powersmart campaign there. how could i say no? great work, great pay, great people. great opportunity. so i don’t know who i am going to live with yet, but we’ll see.
my job at bchydro is kickass. people ask me if bchydro is going to be privatized. i tell them ‘not yet’ because .. well, why would i know before anyone else? i don’t work in the communications dept. so then.
i do some public relations for power smart. it is hella fun. it is mostly comprised of going to retailers, giving away lightbulbs, educating elementary school children, and on some days like today, putting on plays for pre-schoolers. it is rad. rad i say.
this is my 2nd personal website. the first was on the victoria telecommunity network in 1995.
i consider myself a web designer but i am not certain i do a great job for anyone who has purposes too different than my own. unless they have a lot of money. then it’s cool. whatever.

i am a family person. i love my brothers and my parents. and pretty much all my relatives.
my brother krishen got me into electronic music, my brother anand got me into making it, and my brother neil got me into searching for the very best and the newest. my dad sings and plays the guitar. my mom sings and plays music that i don’t know all the time. neat.
all my friends have good to completely wacky senses of humour. this is a requirement. save serious for accountants, please.
i was one of the idiots waving signs around at the pete tong show. mine said “massive.” jim complained about this on his blog. he got my attention that way after i (somewhat obnoxiously) got his, inadvertently on both parts. wh00ps! but lets hear it for speaking ones mind. if jim had not, we would likely not have met, at least not at that juncture. but i am glad we did.
we semi-regularly go for coffee, shoot the shizzat, and hang out or walk around. i enjoy that kind of thing quite a bit.
jim regularly comes out to play at these ‘techno dance events’ and it is good times, and even gooder times at the inevitable denny’s excursion afterwards.

i do monday nights at hush with yoseff. i dj under the alias “ariz0na” which originates from me making fun of my friend steve who calls himself “iowa” online. “iowa” is an obscure reference to a character in some budget hockey movie that i’ve never seen, nor do i recall the title of it. i forgot to change my nick back to “merLin” or whatever i had at the time and people started calling me “ariz0na” regularly. when it came to pick a name for djing, i just used it because someone decided to play their one and only DJ gig the same night as my first one and they used “DJ Davin.” what are the chances of that? i never saw him play another gig again. maybe i could be dj davin now. or just davin. yeah.
no, i am not from arizona. i have never been to arizona. it seems like it would be a neat place to visit, though.
i have never met another person named davin. i don’t know if i’d like to. it’s kind of neat being The Davin.
i like my name.
…… and that’s basically me.

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  1. up with VTN.. even w/ all the stalkers and other freaks, some neat people came out of it.
    Although.. I’ve now talked to you for years and still have yet to meet you. How is this fair? :p

  2. the closet? I just meant that although the Freenet more or less blows balls now, some good friendships happened that may not have if it were not for the awesomeness of the VTN

  3. Just found your site…class!!
    Am also a Davin!
    Where did you get your name??
    Would that be christian or sur???

  4. Hiya! Christian refers to first name….Not a religious freak! Is Davin your first name or second?? Am jus lookin for relatives and stumbled cross your site.

  5. Hi Davin is an aristocratic French Surname. The Davin family still retain two titles. The Baron d’Auderville and the Marquise d’Chambon
    Cool to meet? a christian name Davin Cheers Ali Davin PS I am a site specific sculptor in Queensland

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