saltspring pix

i went to saltspring island yesterday with laurie and robin. all pictures were taken by me except where specified otherwise. warning: if you don’t like sunrise or sunset shots, or think they are cheesy and unnecessary, this post really isn’t for you.

this was what the ferry terminal at swartz bay looks like at 7 am in late november. cooool!

we caught the 7 am ferry over. it was dark. still.

i could tell it would be an interesting morning for taking photos.. a bit cloudy, but mostly clear.

i am not sure what this thing does.

as we left swartz bay, the sun began to rise over some trees on a small island. this photo was taken by robin.

this was the only other boat i saw in the morning, besides the superferry..

it’s kind of hard to see .. the camera didn’t want to look that far, so i’ll have to tell you that what you see is a superferry in front of a bunch of mist. the mountain in the background is actually saltspring island. the mist makes it look kind of bermuda triangle-ish. i can not explain the red splotches in this photo. kind of mysterious…

saltspring looked pretty ominous with the mist. this picture was taken by laurie.

i couldn’t stop taking pictures. maybe that’s a good thing, maybe a bad thing. i’m pretty happy with what i’ve got though, so i’ll go with A Good Thing.

yes, this is our wake. yowza!

the sky was on fire!

another island shrouded in mist .. spooky looking.

robin took this picture of my hair backlit by the rising sun.

blue and pink.

birdie! this picture was taken by robin once we were done our work on saltspring island and were waiting for the ferry.

we were waiting for this ferry.

this was on our way back to swartz bay. we happened to leave on sunrise and return on sunset. neat.

we couldn’t actually see the sun setting. vancouver island was in the way, but it still gave us stunning views like this one.

it was hard to time it right, but i managed to get the buoy flashing in this particular shot. neato mosquito!

this should probably be in a commercial for bcferries. i’m pretty happy with this shot. full size it looks rad. this reminds me why i need a digital camera with more than 2.0 megapixels.
anyway, neat stuff. i enjoyed the trip! taking pictures was definitely cool though. i took over 130 pictures that day.

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  1. Wow!, and I thought that it looked great from home! That was such a perfect sunset last night! Some of the pictures seem like rolling credits at the end of a film.
    Davin, you should to consider offering some of those to Beautiful BC magazine.

  2. “the camera didn’t want to look that far”, love that quote, i run into that all the time with the lower-res digital.
    some great rise/set pictuars there, my favourite being “the sky was on fire”, ’cause of the texture of the clouds.

  3. nice pictures dav! i took about 15 of that sunset from witty’s lagoon. i couldn’t believe the sky just kept getting brighter right before my eyes. it was one of the coolest sunsets i’ve ever seen.

  4. Those clouds remind me of 5-7 years ago when I was coming back from Trinidad and flying low over the clouds as the sun rose — it was absolutely stunning.
    Nice shots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Very nice shots! I like that quote too (“the camera didn’t want to look that far.”) — I’ve run into that with the zoom on my 35mm Minolta. Oh to have a camera with a good zoom.
    PS — I’ve been wandering around eBay for a Canon Powershot G2 in the past couple of days — I’ll let you know what I find.

  6. denis: i was thinking of sending one or two to BC Ferries .. but the thing is .. they’re only done at 2.0 megapixel, so they’re not incredibly great for their purposes (posters etc) .. but maybe for their website? hmm.
    jim: yeah the textures were incredible to see.
    julie: post le pictures?! it would be wicked to see how it looked from where you were! 🙂
    neil: *jealousy*
    devon: mmm hmm 🙂
    krishen: looks like the canon G2 is down to $999 at future shop. radcore!

  7. The ominous mist picture I don’t think was saltspring; that looks like Mount Galiano to me. 🙂 Right after you have come out of Active Pass back to Victoria, right?


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