I’m getting a haircut tonight.
At 7:30.
Is that late for a haircut?
So.. I heard about the Guns n Roses riots that happened last night in Vancouver. What a bunch of losers. I honestly can’t understand
1) how it was that Axl Rose missed a plane from LA to Vancouver and yet the rest of the band managed to make it
2) how Axl managed to do this on the first date of their North American tour
3) how the fans of the band decided that it would be a good idea to trash the outside of GM Place in response
4) how this continued for at least an hour
I don’t figure all Guns n Roses fans have this sort of mentality, but the ones in Vancouver last night definitely did. Wanks. If they were talented, maybe instead of rioting they could write lyrics about how they are so hard-done-by. And then Linkin Park could perform it.
PS: It’s “Axl”, not “Axyl” as SOME would say. Thanks goes to devon for actually knowing that. Woot!@

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  1. ha…. that’s hilarious.
    about three weeks ago, at work, simon asked me out of the blue, “hey, whatever happened to guns ‘n roses?” me: “i think gnfr died with big hair in the 80’s.” simon, quietly: “oh, ha.”
    this got me thinking, and after googling around, i figured out that they were just starting a tour. i told simon, and his eyes lit up. you shoulda seen it. turns out simon’s a closet guns and roses fan!
    it’s been rumored axl himself is a pet shop boys fan, so at least he’s got taste. just for kicks, simon and i made tentative plans to see guns and roses when they come by in december — i think it would be too fun to miss &ltinsert heavy metal hand-signal here&gt.
    oh yeah, about axl rose and the pet shop boys — dug up this article on the topic:
    (i’m still confused about what to make of the secret message in the article, other than the idea that the author is transgendered/misnamed… anyone?)

  2. > “it’s been rumored axl himself is a pet shop boys fan”
    Whaaaa! Rumored!? You’re getting less Canadian by the minute! At least spell it properly!
    Ahhh, much better. Not that I care about spelling or anything. I’m just bored 😀 😀 😀

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